Lenten Prayer Devotional #4

Matthew 26:36-56

After Jesus and the disciples finished the Passover meal, they went to the garden so Jesus could pray.  Jesus going off to pray wasn’t a new thing, but this night was different.

1. Jesus doesn’t go off by Himself to pray, the disciples are with Him and Jesus takes 3 of the disciples off with Him to pray and keep watch.

2. We know what Jesus was praying.  He is begging God to not have to do what He knows He has to do.

3. We see that Jesus is in anguish.  Luke’s account tells us that Jesus was in such anguish His sweat was like drops of blood (Luke 22:44). 

This night and this prayer time is different than any other because everything is about to change.  Jesus told His disciples this, but they didn’t understand.  Jesus knows what is about to happen.  Judas arriving later with the soldiers to arrest Him is no surprise to Jesus.  Peter cutting off the ear of an official is no surprise to Jesus.  The trials, beating, crucifixion, and death is no surprise to Jesus.  It is because He knows that He is anguish and asks God to take this away. 


God does not answer Jesus’ prayer the way Jesus is asking and Jesus goes willing.  He could have stopped any of the upcoming events, but He doesn’t because of His love for us.  

It is before His darkest hour and what does Jesus do?  He prays, He leans into His Father God.  What a reminder to us to pray and to lean into our Father God. 

Reflect. What are you trying to get through on your own strength?
Pray. Ask God to fight for you, then be still and wait on Him.  (Exodus 14:14)
Commit. This week, when every little issue or big problem comes your way.  Talk to your Father God about it, lean into Him, and watch what He does in your life.  Trust Him!

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