Lenten Prayer Devotional #3

Luke 22:7-23 – The Last Supper

The Passover was an annual event in which Jews would remember and celebrate the LORD’s deliverance of their people from Egypt (Exodus 12) where they had been enslaved for over 400 years. The original Passover in Egypt resulted in the Tenth Plague, which was the death of all the firstborn children and livestock in the land. The LORD warned the Israelites that this plague was coming, and told them to sacrifice a perfect lamb and put the blood on the doorposts of their homes, setting them apart from the Egyptians who did not follow the commands of the LORD. The Tenth Plague passed and the Israelites were delivered from Egypt.

The Israelites commemorated this deliverance by annually recognizing the Passover. This tradition was deeply ingrained in their culture and reminded them of God’s promise of a coming Messiah. When Jesus presented his disciples with the bread and wine, he made the connection between the past and present stories. Just as the lamb was slaughtered to cover the Israelites in Egypt, Jesus would soon be the sacrificial Lamb that would cover the sins of everyone who accepted him.

When we take communion, the Lord’s Supper, we remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness and provision in Egypt, at the cross, and in our own relationships with Him. He did not forget the Israelites in their distress, and He has not forgotten us now.

Reflect. Where am I waiting for deliverance in my life?

Pray. Ask God to reveal Himself in your specific circumstance.

Commit. Next time you take communion, spend time remembering and celebrating God’s faithfulness in your life.

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